Academics at SSCLC

Academics at SSCLC

The St. Stephens Creative Learning Center program was created in order to provide families with a safe Christian atmosphere for students before and after school.

SSCLC: An Academically and Spiritually Strong School

Here at St. Stephens, we are strong in our faith and in our commitment to academic excellence.

We are always looking for ways to improve our education system to provide the best possible curriculum for our students. To improve their relationship with learning, we want them to have a positive relationship with their education.

A Private Nursery and Elementary School for Brilliant Young Minds

St. Stephens Creative Learning Center balances its curriculum with religion and academics to help nurture young minds. At SSCLC, we are always pushing ourselves to do better by the children of Essex. Our students are better prepared and often test grades above when they are moving on in their learning experience. We believe it is important to make sure that there is clear understanding and foundational learning throughout the school years.

St. Stephens Core Values

  • Knowledge – We want our students to never be afraid in their pursuit of knowledge. If a topic is difficult, there is always a chance for our students to learn, grow, and go beyond their potential. Our teachers are there every step of the way, helping our students achieve new levels in their studies and increase their knowledge.
  • Spirituality – Our Lord and Savior is with us in everything that we do. We are blessed to impart the Lord’s wisdom and the glory of God to the youth of Essex and help them foster a positive relationship with the Lord. We hope through him they can better know themselves, the world, and God.
  • Understanding – SSCLC teaches our students to value understanding. It is a powerful thing to be able to be an empathetic individual and to acknowledge your neighbor for their differences and individuality. Imparting the ability to be understanding to our students produces happier, tolerant, and more forgiving people.
  • Civility – It is necessary to practice polite behavior so that our students understand the right way to conduct themselves. At St. Stephens, we believe in the importance of being polite for easier communication, happier interactions, and stronger relationships. Promoting civil behavior also helps our students treat each other, our teachers, and their families with respect.

Arrival and Dismissal at St. Stephens


Every morning at 8:30, a staff member is on duty at our designated drop off area. We request quick goodbyes to make the start of the day easier on our students.


Our lunch begins at 12 pm. We ask that packed lunches are healthy and don’t require any extra preparation or heating.


Our school day ends at 3:00 pm at which time our students will be dismissed to designated parents. There are no substitutions unless arrangements have been made and approved by our administrative office.

Please note: If any students are not picked up by 3:15 pm, they will be placed in our Enrichment Academy, and you will be charged an hourly fee. We offer the option of out of school time care after school through our Enrichment Academy for parents who need it. For more information, you can speak with our staff to sign your child up.

What Makes SSCLC Special?

St. Stephens is proud to be a part of the Essex community. Our purpose as an educational institution has always been to serve the youth here and offer them an education that will prepare them for the future. We provide a more comprehensive education and are able to support our pupils in ways that a standard primary school cannot.

Small class sizes
St. Stephens has small class sizes to help our students grow to their potential and beyond.

Christian values
We promote Christian values through the Lord’s teachings, and our students use language and behave in ways that glorify Him.

Academic excellence
We are a private Christian academy that is known for its academic excellence and strong relationships with public schools because of our students.

Summer Scholar program
We offer a fun-filled summer program that has everything a child needs: educational activities, games, and arts & crafts.

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