Pre-Academy at SSCLC

Pre-Academy Program

We provide a high-quality daycare program that offers a variety of fun and engaging experiences that support your child’s development of critical social skills.

St. Stephens: The Best Start for Your Child’s Education

St. Stephens Creative Learning Center is committed to meeting not only your child’s academic requirements but also your need for childcare. If you are a working parent with a toddler, daycare can be difficult to navigate, but at St. Stephens, we make the process simple. We offer our day care/nursery school program during the same hours as our regular classes.

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A Private Christian Elementary School that Offers the Best Care for Your Little Ones

St. Stephens Creative Learning Center – Daycare/Nursery School is the best place for your toddler to begin their education. Unlike other day care programs, we work to kick start your child’s learning experience at the right age. Toddlers have developing minds that pick-up information with intense speed as they have new experiences. If you want your child to truly be prepared to start school, then what better way than to enroll them at St. Stephens?

Family Friendly Schedules

Our day begins with the rest of the school at an 8:30 am arrival and a 3 pm dismissal. The daycare hours are 7:30 am until 5:30 pm for extended care. We have our program set up this way because we understand that every schedule is different and in need of accommodation. Our day care program meets every need you may have for your child, from a flexible schedule to school readiness preparation. At SSCLC, your little one will have a unique childcare experience with various activities ranging from educational to play, such as:

  • Imaginative play
  • Storytime
  • Q&A time
  • Arts & crafts
  • Music & movement
  • And much more!

Our day care program was created with your child’s future in mind. We focus on setting up strong foundations for their developmental and social skills. At SSCLC, we have created a program that offers more than naptime and playtime. We believe in our students’ abilities, and that includes our toddlers here. Children in our day care are better prepared for the next step at St. Stephens and are even excited to move on and learn with the older children. Our program is effective because we work to instill skills of socialization, independence, curiosity, and communication in our students.

The Benefits of Our Day Care Program


The Beginning of Relationships

Day care is an important stepping stone into the academic world. Many children that start off in day care are better prepared than students who have never had the experience. This is because day care is the beginning of socialization with other children, teachers, and staff. A child enrolled in our day care program has the ability to build relationships and have positive interactions with other children under the supervision and with the guidance of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff.


The Introduction of a Schedule

Over the course of our program, your child is being introduced to a traditional educational schedule. This routine helps them understand the consistency of a normal school week at St. Stephens. Day care gives your child a stable space to spend their day with activities to support and engage them. If your child has an older sibling at SSCLC, our day care program will give them the opportunity to experience a similar schedule and feel included.


The Creation of Connections

The day care program at St. Stephens is integral in helping your toddler learn how to communicate. We focus on helping your child find different ways to communicate and how to create connections. We teach foundational language skills that are important in their next step of education, such as ABCs, reading fundamentals, and phonics skills. Being able to communicate properly and make connections will help your child be able to better understand and interact with the world around them.


The First Steps to Autonomy

Early education focuses on building independence in children because it creates confidence. Confident children are more capable of handling difficulties, of taking risks, and of learning boundaries. Children that are given the opportunity to be independent are more self-reliant but also have higher self-esteem with regard to the environment around them. Our day care program helps foster independence to increase your child’s confidence through various activities so they can learn how to make their own choices.

A Seamless Transition to Kindergarten With St. Stephens Christian Academy

SSCLC offers exceptional care and education, starting with our daycare and nursey school program, and grows with your children as they transition to elementary school at our Christian Academy.

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